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Family  Series

Member: Ernesto Yanez


Surf coach, Salti Hearts, Bali, Surf


Name: Ernesto Yanez AKA The Unicorn hehehe

Age: 34

From: Venezuela

Role at Salti Hearts: Surfcoach

Favourite thing about Bali: The consistency of waves, nature, food and friends

Words to live \ Favourite quote: Smile, everything is going to be alright, things happen for a reason…

Surf coach, bali, Salti Hearts, paradise, surfing

What is your story: Since I was a little boy I was really into sports and adventure. Thankfully I was lucky enough to be born in a beautiful country where you can do every kind of water sport; those became my passion by the time I was a teenager. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, surf, spearfishing… you name it! I have done it. However, being also am engineer left little time to do what I loved, being a waterman. Thankfully my awesome wife ask me one day if I wanted to travel the world and of course, I said yes. Now, I’m taking some time off from engineering to ride some awesome Indo waves while I live in the island of Gods. I’m so thankful to salti hearts for turning my passion into a job that I love.

What is your surfing background? I consider my self a waterman! I was a windsurfing and surf coach in Margarita island for many summers, but now I am in the perfect place to improve my surfing .

Surf coach, bali, Salti Hearts, surf

Favorite surfboard? I love to try different boards, but so far I like the Lost Puddle Jumper, and my new 6.0 Rockwell!!!

what do you love the most about surfing ? The fun, the adrenaline and at the same time how relaxing it is.

where is your dream wave located? still looking.


What does being part of the Salti Tribe  mean to you? for me the Salti Tribe is my family in Bali.

Ernesto !


Family  Series

Member: Anabella Molero


Photos by @cokoif / 35mm


Name: Anabella Molero Avila


Age: 31


From: Venezuela


Role at Salti Hearts: Creative Collaborator


Favourite thing about Bali: Sunsets


Words to live \ Favourite quote: Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.


What is your story: I did everything you are suppose to do, grew up, when to school, got a job, got married.

One day I noticed that there was something missing, I felt there were more things to try out there, so I made a change, I decided to travel and see the world with my loving husband by my side. Now, after lots of travelling, him and I live in a magical place (Bali), surrounded by magical people, surfing everyday and chasing sunsets. And I must say that I have never been more happy than I am right now.


When did you start surfing? In Sri Lanka about four months ago, but it wasn’t until I joint salti hearts that I actually got to do it properly and got to live the joy of catching a wave.



Favourite surfboard: Big Red, a 9 ft longboard that my  beautiful friend Yeni lends me every now and then.


what inspires you? To listen to other people stories, to see a beautiful sunset, to sit still and listen to nature all around me. To be aware of the beauty and light that surrounds me.


What does being part of the Salti Tribe  mean to you? Is more than I can even put into words. To be a part of something so unique and done from the heart it’s just amazing. Every camp is different, but somehow, as women we all connect and to me that’s a beautiful thing. I feel like the luckiest girl just to be a part of this family.


Love Ana x