Byron Bay

We are so happy and exited to introduce to you all our newste destination. Byron Bay, New South Wales in Australia.

We are so in love with this town, the perfect combination for a  Yoga and Surf Retreat, Byron has the most beautiful long beaches    you have ever seen.

Byron Bay is the most Easterly point on Australia’s mainland. Situated in Northern New South Wales, 166km South of Brisbane & 772km North of Sydney. Byron Bay is in Byron Shire.

Named Cape Byron  by Captain Cook  as he was sailing past in 1770. Byron is one of the most magical places we have ever been.

There are over 30 kms of beach in Byron Shire with water temperature ranging from 18°C to 26°C; not sure for you; but for us this sounds like the perfect Aussie gateway for next Easter 2018. Specially to join our Tribe and enjoy the days while practicing Yoga, Surfing the most gentle and perfect waves for Longboard lovers and single fin riders, inhaling pure air and embracing walks along the lighthouse with the most breathtaking view; where we are 100% you’ll see dolphins playing and riding the waves. As well during Easter; they have East Coast Blues & Roots Festival; which is amazing and a must.

Our Byron Retreat will be hold in collaboration with our Girlfriend Amy from Heartfire Collective; an amazing human with so much to give to us and this world.

We can’t wait to share our Saltiness, love and vibes with you all. This is a unique Retreat in one of the most peaceful and beautiful houses in the Shire, we will be staying at Amy’s place, which is fill up with love, taste and lush bush, located at Lilli Pilli a nature reserve and is a very leafy part of Byron Bay. Its a quiet neighbourhood just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Byron but close to all amenites and walking distance to town and is just 3 minutes walk from our favourite coffee places; the Road House.

If you are thinking in coming for Easter, you can flight to either Brisbane Airport or Ballina Gateway Airport;  and find your way to byron, either by bus, private transport or renting a Car.

We recommend;  to take the  Byron Express Bus that travels daily from Brisbane Airport and Brisbane City to Byron Bay and back. Travel between Brisbane and Byron in only 2 hours! They have deferent rates depending on the day, as well is always cheaper to book a return right away. The prices fluctuates between  AUD $40 to AUD $ 115;  For more info, click below;

This Bus will arrived to the middle of the town and we will be there to pick you up. Just make sure to let us know your schedule.

Another option is to book a private transfer from the airport to Byron at Amy’s place; the price x person approx from Brisbane is’ AUD $ 270.

We recommend this company’ click below;

From Ballina Gateway Airport, is only 45 minutes drive, you could come may ways; either by shuttle bus, private transport or taxi. Please find more details and price in the link below;

For any more details or info we are super happy to assist you.

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Now here is a little bit about Us!


About Yeni

Founder of Salti Hearts

Born in Venezuela, have lived between islands most of my life. Born I the mountains raised by the sea my life story and affair with the ocean started when I was very young.

My mum, a total Gypsy, travelled the world with my older brother and me until we were 15 years old. I was lucky enough to grow in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life, Los Roques; a truly Caribbean paradise. I knew I was in a magical place, where I was blessed to surf, play in the waters, kiteusrf and practice yoga inhaling the salti air and flowing with the rhythm of the waves. Today im so grateful that I had a childhood like the one I did, because I can really appreciate and embrace the sunshine, the nature and the simple pleasure of taking deep breaths during the day.

I rode my first wave when I was 6 and I knew that I knew that I, not only wanted, but needed to be near the ocean and the surf. I believe that on that day I decided to dedicate my life to the sea.

After many years of travelling found myself in Bali, I loved and felt at home; it has been 6 years since I live in the island. For the past 3 years I have develop and create my dream job, Salti Hearts a Surf, Yoga & Fitness Retreat for women only. I’m so grateful for this past years where I have had meet so many amazing humans and had the opportunity to open the doors, hold space and share my journey with more 180 ladies.

Now we are expanding our Saltiness to other island in Indonesia and Australia and collaborating with other amazing women that have so much beauty and passion to share.

Cant wait to continue this Salti journey.

What a fun, happy, inspiring and empowering life I get to experience…  Lets be kind all year around !


Yeni x



About Amy

Founder of HeartFire Collective


I’m Amy, a big hearted truth seeker, adventurous spirit and lover of life. I’ve had the travel bug from a young age often exploring far off places, learning different cultures and seeking the deeper meaning to life.
Born in Melbourne and raised in Brisbane Australia, with a Bachelor degree of Business Management and HR I traded one hemisphere for another and spent my first year out of University working at the largest online fashion agency in London where I learnt a lot about people in the workplace and also discovered I really wanted to create something. A year later after exploring Europe I returned home to embark on a new career in Hairdressing.
The early years of hairdressing propelled me to be a more confident version of myself, meeting people and having the honour to look after clients in a way that would enhance their features and also uplift and make a difference to their daily life was fast becoming one of my greatest gifts.
Whilst I was busy making a difference in the work place my personal life was becoming a challenge. Often times in debilitating back pain which stopped me from doing many things. As a way to heal my pains I learnt the path of healing and yoga through Reiki Trainings and Yoga trainings. It has been one of my greatest pleasures to travel the world learning so many ancient healing philosophies and texts and exploring them through experience. I was loving the impact all of this learning and practice was having on me and felt the desire to share via my blog This Heart Fire.
It is my honour to incorporate all of my learnings and share them in a way through connecting with people via hairstyling, yoga & essential oils. I am truly blessed to call Byron Bay home and am so grateful to have a thriving local business spreading the hair healing love and holding space. Heartfire Collective, is a collective of hearts living their truth and making their living through their truth. When I think of heart fire I think of a burning desire to live to our highest potential. I think of empowerment, abundance and community.
I look forward to delving deeper into all of life with you and simply exploring all that is.
From my heart to yours,
Amy x