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Meet Ella James !


Ella is our newest Intern. After studying at London college of fashion, Ella decided that she wanted to swap city life for beach life so she’s here in Bali working for Salti hearts and developing her own surf apparel brand.

Name: Ella.

Age: 24 years old.

Country of Origin? Wales.

Home City? Cardiff.. For now.

Favourite color? Dusty pink.

Did you always know you wanted to create a surf apparel brand? I always knew id work in fashion but only decided to create a surf brand when I couldn’t find any surf apparel that made me feel confident and stylish.

What do you love most about your Life right now? Being in Bali for sure. Working hard but still having time to surf, explore, drink coconuts and get a tan…

When did you first start Surfing? A few years ago on a camping trip to Moliets with friends from university.

The Swamp, surf, apparel, Bali, UK

When did you decide to come to Bali? When the Welsh weather just wasn’t inspiring me to design swimwear!

What do you love most about Bali? The food – so much amazing fresh fruit for breakfast every morning.

Why Salti Hearts? The Salti Hearts Instagram kept making me jealous!!! Plus it’s the perfect place to get inspired.

What makes you happy? My hilarious and completely unruly best friends. We’re all in different countries at the moment (until our Bali reunion) but we speak to each other everyday. They’d roast me for being so soppy but whatever.

Describe your perfect day? Coffee, morning surf, more coffee, design some swimwear, some beers by the pool, a long dinner with friends, more beer, go to bed with fresh sheets.

Flip-flops, boots or barefoot? Boots, all year round. I pay the price in blisters.

Bikinis or One piece? A one piece, especially for surfing.

Coffee or Cocktails? … A cold beer.

What clothing piece will I always catch you wearing? An oversized shirt.

Coolest place you’ve ever been? Apart from Bali and the Salti Villa… Hossegor, France.

When not designing swimmers, you are? Travelling, surfing, hanging out with friends, reading, cooking, a bit of partying.

Whats the plan for the future? To launch my brand, for people to love it and to live by the sea with a pet dog or ten.