10 tips to Create your Dream Lifestyle Business


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As a young and female entrepreneur I always get asked how did I start my business?

So… Here are my top 10 tips and the essentials steps follow to create my dream lifestyle business @saltihearts.

1.Find your passion
2.Have a clear meaningful purpose
3.Don’t easily take no for an answer
4.Build a great Tribe
5.Cultivate a thirst for learning and self growth
6.Reach out to other creative and inspirational people
.7.Discover the power of focus
8.Share your story with the world
9.Take care of your health
10.Enjoy the life you always dream off

A little more insights to each step;

PASSION: Finding your passion could take time and when it comes to make a successful business out of it can be very challenging, however not impossible stay positive and true to your passion and that dream will flourish at the right time.

PURPOSE: Everyone has a dream and a purpose, make sure it resonates with your heart and its a meaningful one.

TRUST: Be open to suggestions from others however listen to your guts and follow your heart. They will be some people that wont believe in you, that’s when you have to stay strong, believe in your own power to make your dream come true.

TRIBE: Build a positive and genuine Tribe find those that truly resonate with you and your passion and keep it small, its not about quality but quality of friends and supporters.

CULTIVATE: Keep learning and growing into the areas that enhance your business, earn while you learn.

INSPIRATION: Reach out to mentor’s or to the people that inspire and motivate you to keep on going and be the best version of yourself.

DISCOVER: Stay focused and don’t get distracted, learn to say NO and center all the attention and energy in you passion.

SHARE: Be grateful and humble enough to share your story and success with others.

HEALTH: Make sure you eat well, sleep enough, work out, take breaks and do what makes you happy find a healthy daily routine, practice and check in with yourself.

LIVE: Never forget that you are creating you dream lifestyle business so that you can live a more purposely and joyful life. Enjoy the little things and choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Enjoy the Journey … NOW is your time!

Yeni x x


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