“Choose to Be Salti”

The Story behind Salti Hearts

By Yeni Canelon


Lets start from the beginning; 5 and half years ago i took a lip of faith, follow my dreams and move from a small island in the Caribbean to Bali.

I have to say, this past years have been the most exiting, scaring, challenging, difficult, sweet and happy days of my life. I left all behind everything and everyone that was familiar to embark a journey that had no expire date.

The day i step into this island of gratitude, perfect waves, beautiful people, spirituality and beauty like no other; i felt i was in the place that i have always dreamed off. I decide to spend the fist year and half searching for waves, living of coconuts, smoothie bowls, coffee and waves for breakfast… i travelled through Bali, visit Nusa Lembongan, Sumbawa, Sumba, Savu, Roti, Mentawai and many more.

Life in Bali felt so good, that i decide it to stay for long term. I wasn’t sure what would i be doing but i know this was the place fore me to be, after all this island just enchanted me all the way.

A number of events on my personal life and working space happen at the same time, i found myself going through my Saturn Return moments “Astrological phenomenon” where the universe, the starts and the planets align with you and make sure that if you are not heading in the right direction or following your path; they will make sure you have a big shake,  your whole world will go upside down, until you find your way back to your purpose in life.

Let me tell you, this for me was massive! I’m sure a lot of other women can related with this. I particularly got lost, got so confused and was very sad that i thought my dream life in Bali, was over! But it turns out that it was just the beginning of my true path…

I  Created Salti Hearts, based on the way lived my life in Bali, i wanted to have my own little business, where i could share all the things, tools that i have learned along the way through my travels, relationships, work experience and surf adventures.

Salti Hearts, its my dream job, i place where i can truly share my journey and insights with women from different ages and nationalities, where i can be my own Persona, without feeling like i’m being judge; where we hold space for a small group of women to come together, to feel safe, respect, value, seen and inspired. where we support, encourage and motivate each other  to show up in our every day life with an open heart, to speak our mind, speak our truth.

I have had the honour  to meet more than 179 women who has chosen to Be Salti … To be brave enough by taking sometime off and dedicated for themselves, who had the courage to travel from the other side of the world to live this experience with us, who consciously  have make their choice to step out of their comfort zone and try out Surfing or yoga for the first time, who had the awakening to join our Tribe, practice Kindness, compassion and gratitude throughout every single adventure.

I will like to say a big THANK you acknowledge all the ladies that have give me the privilege to serve them, it has being a wild but beautiful ride and i cannot be more grateful for all the love and inspiration i receive from all of you. Thanks for joining or Salti Tribe Family.


Stay Salti

Yeni x



Photos by @Cokeif

#35mm #analogphotography

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