What is a typical day like at Salti Hearts? 

Starts very early in the morning, with a fresh fruits bites, then head to the surf spot, sunrise yoga session for stretching our muscles and sun salutations (designed by a surfer for surfers), after 15 minutes of flow we do theory on the beach to explain the basics, surfing techniques, safety and we are ready to hit the water to have some fun rides and share some waves. After a fun surf session we get back on the Van and drive to Salti Hearts favorite coffee shop for some photo/ video analysis and chat about any improvements and get to know all the crew of ladies, this is the perfect time to get to know each other a little more, tell our stories and develop a wonderful, powerful sisterhood after having the best time in the ocean. when the sun goes down yoga and meditation and relaxation. We will practice Asana, pranayama ,vinyasa, anusara, this beautiful sessions will enhance your surfing improve your balance, flexibility and stretch out the muscles.

Should I train before I come to Bali?
The more preparation you put in before you visit us, the more you will get out of your time with us. Surf as much as you can, if that’s not possible then swim with your flippers on and if that not possible then check out ‘Booger Bod’ on youtube for some great tips to get you surf fit.

When should i arrived? (check in / check out)

We strongly advise that you arrive between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm on the Friday the Retreat starts.

So that you can join us for  our opening ceremony, welcoming dinner and to be fresh for surfing the next day. The retreat finishes at 2 pm on the last day and we offer a complimentary checkout of 7pm.)

Do I need to know how to Surf?
No. Our specialty is teaching beginners how to surf right from step one. We’ll start with the basics and you’ll be riding waves by the end. We also offer coaching for girls that want to transit from white water to green warriors, so pretty much we will take your surfing to another level. (Beginners /improvers and warriors). Bali has many breaks to choose from so this coupled with our small group sizes, allow us to cater for all levels of surfers.

Can I bring my own Surfboard?
Although Salti Hearts has a great range of soft top and epoxy surfboards for you to choose from, if you are more comfortable with your own board, please bring it along.
Note: Don’t forget that airlines charge extra for surfboards so please make sure you check with your airline prior to arriving at the airport

Are there waves all year round in Bali and which months have the best surf?
Yes there are waves all year round. The dry season (April – October) tends to have bigger waves whilst the wet season (November – March) has smaller waves, more rain and less crowds.

Where do we Surf?
We take you to the best locations for your ability. We also factor in crowds, traffic and the most up to date surf forecast information.

Will it be crowded where we surf?
During Bali surfing sessions, we will always endeavor to seek out the best quality waves to suit the ability of our guests with the least amount of people in the water. We generally stick to the rule of quantity over quality to maximize the fun and coaching potential.

What time do we surf?
We carry out all our sessions in the morning usually starting early and finishing before 2pm. At the end of each day’s surfing you will be informed of the plan for the following day and it will be written on the notice board on the office area.

Why do we only surf in the morning?
The mornings are the best time for surfing in Bali! Less wind, less crowds, less heat and less traffic!

How long do we surf for?
Our morning sessions are up to 3hrs long from the time we hit the beach!

I have never done Yoga before. Is it difficult?
Yoga is one of the most wonderful forms of exercise and complementary to your surf program. Not only will you be experiencing countless benefits of yoga during your wellness retreat, but you can carry on your yoga practice at home and throughout your life. Our yoga classes are suitable for beginners through to advance and our instructors will adapt classes to suit all abilities.

What age and nationality is a ‘typical guest’? What about solo travelers?
Typically, our guests range in age from mid 20’s – to late forties. However, we What unites guests at Salti Hearts surf, yoga and fitness camp is not so much their age or nationality; but rather, their fun loving attitude and spirit for adventure and the wisdom they share. Most of our ladies guest will be solo travelers, creating new friends, staying in touch long after their surf and yoga camp finishes. Salti hearts is a safe and ideal place to stay as a solo woman travelers.

What’s the weather like in Bali?
We have 2 distinct seasons here in Bali where the temperature for both is around 90° F or 30° C. ‘Dry’ season, April – November, is beautifully sunny and warm during the day and refreshingly cool at night (no less than 25°C). ‘Green’ season welcomes a daily shower which keeps Bali beautiful and blooming with greenery! These showers are nothing to fret over; in fact, they can be a blessing in disguise! A great time to indulge in some pampering or shopping!

How do I get the Photos and footage from you?
You need to bring a hard drive or memory stick with you that is compatible with Mac  that we can copy all the material onto.

What food is provide?
We provide a Healthy organic fresh breakfast; Tropical Fruit bowl with yogurt granola or Muesli with soya Milk / Normal Milk + other Cereals, Toast with feta or cream cheese with Honey, homemade Jam, and butter, French croissant or cinnamon rolls (Optional) Banana or Mango Healthy Pancakes (2 times x camp) Tea, Coffee, water and Fresh juice of the day.  Snacks everyday, Welcoming, tribal banquet and farewell dinner, based on Indonesian cuisine.

Where can I eat near the villa?
We are really lucky in that there are 10 eateries within easy walking distance, motorbike and taxi. A few of our favorites are Bali Budha, La Casetta, Thai Spice, Eko Cafe, Bumbak Cafe and many others.

Is it Bali a good place to learn how to Surf?
Bali is one of the best places to come to learn, improve or to simply get your surfing to another level. Depending on your ability we will take you to ride gentle beach breaks, to improve your surfing in glassy perfect reef breaks or to catch the best waves of your life and take out of your list to feel the sensation of being in a barrel or our happy place.

Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounts for early reservation and for groups of four or more. Check out our current rates and offers.

How many days can i stay?
You can stay for 3, 5 days – but you can also stay for 7 or 10 salti days with us.

Is there an age minimum?
Yes, guests must be 18 years or older to at tend to Salti Hearts unless otherwise agreed to by management and under supervision of a guardian.

How much free time would I have?
The morning will be pack and salti, with Surfing and yoga morning sessions, ideally you will be free after 2:00 pm every day, but we will have 2 yoga evening sessions during the Camp days.

Do I need to Rent a car?
We provide the transport for all surfing activities. If you will like to go shopping or do other activities, you could hire Yohanes, our fabulous driver to take you around, this will be an extra cost and it will vary depend on how long you plan to be out, the prices vary depending on the destination.

Is it easy to organize taxis?
Yes there is a taxi rank near the villa and a free phone you can use to call them with.

Is there shopping nearby?
Yes, Bali is renowned for its amazing array of shopping from markets through to beautiful boutiques at affordable prices. Many are just a short taxi drive from the villas, around 15 to 20 minutes depends on the traffic..

Is there a Safe Box?
Yes, there are safety box in the kitchen.

Can I get laundry done?
Yes there is a laundry 300m down the road and it’s very affordable!, we can help you with the logistic.

Can I smoke at the Villas?
We are a non smoker Retreat, but you can smoke in the open areas, we will get you an ash tray for you.

Who will pick me up from the airport?
One of our local drivers; either Yohanes or Wayan will be waiting for you with a sign with your name or your group leaders name on it.

Are they any sharks in Bali?
NO! Enjoy the freedom and enjoyment of surfing in warm shark-free waters where there are only ever rare sightings of friendly reef sharks.

Will there always be a coach in the water with us?

YES, particularly for minors and less experienced riders, there will always be a watchful female coach close by. All our coaches are fully qualified with current coaching accreditations, first aid and surf rescue/lifesaving proficiency.


Do I need travel insurance?
Yes. Medical treatment is very expensive in Bali. You need comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for surfing.

What Should I Pack?
Here are some suggestions: several swim suits, sunscreen, running shoes, hat for sun protection, a dress for a night out, sandals, yoga clothes, light comfy pajamas, personal toiletries. We provide bath towels, all surf, yoga and equipment.

What time should I schedule my flights?
We suggest for the 3/ 5 Salti days camp, created for those girls that will like to come and join our Surf and Yoga camp during the weekends or long weekend, to book their flights on Friday afternoon time, so you can enjoy the full on packages, having Saturday/ Sunday & Monday for the 3 Salti days Camp and then for those on the 5, 7 and 10 salti days camp continue the adventures throughout Tuesday / Wednesday, this is the day were the camp ends, so you can book your flights for Wednesday evening or night time, or if you haven’t had enough of Salti Hearts, book an extra night or stay for another Salti days with us.