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We recently have been featured in Nina Karnikowski first book, Make a Living Living, be successful doing what you love.

This book is an incredible way to share the stories of 26 self-made creatives from around the world about how they achieved their ideal existence doing what they truly love. These inspiring individuals  opened their heart to Nina, a wonderful, unique and very talented travel  writer, story teller and now published author.


Nina wrote this book with the heartfelt idea of making other creative humans out there to believe in themselves and this book is providing  the tools for you to do make it happen, helping you craft your own creatively fulfilling life, one you don’t need a vacation to escape from, and prove to you that making a living and making a life don’t have to point in opposite directions.

If you’re looking to find fame or get rich quick, this isn’t the book for you. But if you’re wishing to take more pleasure in the simple things and minimise stress, to take control of your time and energy, to travel, cultivate inspiring relationships and build a successful, purpose-driven career doing what you love, then read on. This book is for you.

– Nina Karnikowski-

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Make a Living  Living is avaliable in English, Greman, Dutch and Spanish.

Our founder Yeni Canelon is one of this inspiring creatives that Nina chatted with, Yeni shares the story of adventuring into Indonesia exactly eight years ago and how she left everything and everyone behind to follow her dreams. Read her story in #makealivingliving book, page 68.

Have you ever dreamt of a creative career ding something you love?

Take a breath, make a change, stop dreaming and start living!

Choose your journey, create your own path, believe in you’re own ability and share your super power with the world.


” Self – belief helps you overcome perceived barriers, incuding distance and finance”

This book explains how they made their dreams a reality, and how you can too. A set of practical execises help you focus your vision, stay disciplined, take risks, master your art and develop your skills to make a living living. 

Thank you Nina for allowing us  to be in your book, we are honoured and eternally grateful for your beautiful, soulful and inspiring work.

We love Nina and her adventures around the world, if you want to get even more inspired, get your copy in your prefered language and follow Nina’s adventures; 

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Make a Living Living is available in Bookstores worldwide and its also available Online via Amazon, Booktopia in the USA, Australia and the UK.


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