Meet Yeni Canelon !

Salti Hearts, Surf, Retreat, Bali

The founder /  the Surf Coach / The Yoga Teacher at Salti Hearts

Name: Yeni Canelon

Age: 32

Home city? Bali, Indonesia

Career Highlight?  Been able to develop a national oceanographic Project and Created Salti Hearts

Dream career as a kid? Professional Surf Girl and a Nat Geo Photographer

First Job? As a waitress in my mom’s Mexican restaurant, I was 14 years old

Qualifications? Oceanographer, Photographer, 200 RYT Yoga teacher, Level 3 ISA Surf Coach

Has surfing and yoga always been your calling? Surfing has always been part of my life, I grow up in the Caribbean with sea and waves around me, so since I can remember I always wanted to surf. Yoga came to me a bit later, I started practicing Yoga when I was 12, but was only until I was 17 that I knew this was the best combination, the perfect alchemy.

Why is surfing so important for you? This days surfing mean so much more than it ever did, now its my profession, and it’s the way I share my passion with other women. Surfing makes me feel alive, free and grateful. Its were I can really disconnect from the land world and my busy mind and just simply be in the present moment, enjoying the saltiness, sunshine an pure joy. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by anything I take my board and head out for a surf, even one wave and make my day and help me see things with a different perspective, for that im forever grateful with surfing.

What do you love most about Bali? There is so much I love about Bali, but I guess my more favorite would have to be the people. They are so genuine, simple and always very happy.

What’s essential in your beach bag? Bikini , sunnies, beach sarong, Organic Zinc, Lip balm, my iPhone, my Salti Top and denim shorts

What song is on rotation right now to pump you up before a session?

I’ll have to say “Riptide” by Vance Joy

Flip-flops, boots or barefoot?  Definitely barefoot

Favourite Surfboard? Ummm… I have a few! But right now its my 6’0 Single fin, named Blue

Where is your favourite surf spot in Bali? I usually try to keep this in low profile, but I have to say  Kuta reef.

What was your worst wipeout? Have to say at my local spot in Bali, old mans, one of the biggest day I went out with my 7’1. The waves were around 6 to 8 ft on the set and I got caught up in the inside or (Impact zone), lost my board, was trap on the washing machine and had to swim for about 15 minutes to get to shore, where my board was ding by the rocks.

Describe your perfect day in Paradise? wake up early, sun salutation to stretch and set up the intentions for my day, head out for a beach walk with my pup and check on the waves. Than gran my favourite board a 6’0 torpedo round pin tale and head out to glide some fun perfect and dreamy bali waves… Than head for a coffee and brekkie with friends! head back home and spend sometime in the garden, read my book, chill by the hammock and the pool… cook some yum vegetables and and end my day watching an episode of a tv series with my boyfriend and my pup at our couch !

Would you say you have the best job in the world? Yes, I do what I love…

Quote of life by?  I have 3; 

Every path you take leads you to another choice. Some choices can change everything and every moment for the rest of your life.

-Everyday you have two choices; to stay in bed or to wake up and chase your dreams

-The secret of having it all is knowing you already do

Dream surf trip?

My boyfriend and girl friends on a boat trip in Tahiti … That would be epic

Whats the plan for the future? I guess, just Continue to grow as a human as a  rider and expand Salti Hearts to other places; so i can share my passion and love for surfing as a tool to empower other women and girls to really embody and embrace the simple surf life that i always dream off, just simple breathe and be grateful its pretty amazing.

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