Salti Hearts x Mentawai Island Trip 

2023 – 2024 

After 7 years or running our Retreats in Bali and one  and after our first Salti Hearts x Mentawai island Trip adventure; we are beyond exited to take another group of only 7 women for 2023 – 2024 to one of the most beautiful places we have ever been.

Salti Hearts founder, Yeni Canelon, loves travelling, surfing, yoga and new adventures! Yeni has visited the Mentawais Islands five times recently and loved every minute of it! She cannot wait to share this paradise with you!!!

The Mentawai are a beautiful island chain off Sumatera and are widely considered to be the most amazing surfing destination on the planet. There is no other place on earth with so many high quality waves for all levels of surfing in such a small area.

Join us on the trip of a lifetime in paradise surrounded by like-minded women, natural beauty and in the comfort of a luxury Resort. This is the perfect holiday, for those looking to escape, relax, unwind and take your surfing to the next level! You will ride the most amazing waves, practice yoga everyday by the ocean and meet other inspiring women from around the world.

The Resort

 The Resort is one of the most beautiful in the Mentawais, located on the small tropical island of Simakakang, 15 minutes away from the main port of Tuapejat. White sandy beaches, magnificent coral reefs, turquoise waters, lush tropical vegetation and perfect waves for all surfing levels surround this secluded island. To ensure the best possible experience, we will have a maximum of 9 surfer ladies for the Retreat. The resort has a top of 12 surfers policy, meaning the lineup will never be crowded.

Each of the bungalows is entirely self-contained, with ocean view, living room, private bathroom + open air shower, hot water, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, mini bar, large deck, beach chairs, beach towels with a daily cleaning service.

The Resort offers a tropical spa, beachfront bar & restaurant, library beach lounge, gift shop and a 2km private beach surrounded by palm trees.

The Surf

The Mentawai has the most amazing waves to offer for all surfing levels. The swell is consistent, between April and November. Waves can be between 2 to 6 foot depending on the swell direction and surf spot. We chose October to run our Salti Retreat as it traditionally has the lightest winds, which opens up a whole smorgasbord of fun waves! Most of the waves are accessible by boat, luckily there is a super fun right-hander right in front of the resort and Telescopes its only 10 minutes away. It doesn’t matter if you are goofy or regular this place is paradise!

The Waves

Tikus; a forgiving uncrowded left-hander. Its 5 to 10 minutes walk from the resort and its suitable for all surfing levels, including beginners.

 Telescopes; A world class left hander waves, that offers more flexibility than other waves in the area. Cruisey take off, and often the most perfect tube on big days and fun walls for carving and hot dogging on small days.

Some other waves you may have heard of – G4, Hookers, Icelands, Ombak Tidur, Suicides, Twiggies, Scarecrows and Seven Palms are the most regularly surfed, as they are close by the Resort. 


 We will practice Yoga everyday lead by Yeni at the beautiful Yoga Shala just a few steps away from the ocean.

Our yoga and meditation classes have been designed to be suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience. The classes will complement your surfing program with a blend of morning and afternoon sessions, each practice will allow you to truly take some time out to reconnect with your mind, body soul. We aim to ensure that after each session you will be blessed with a deep feeling of relaxation and gratitude. The class’s be either morning or afternoon depending on surf conditions.

Getting there

The Mentawai Islands are relatively easy to access. It just requires a few more steps than the usual destinations… totally worth it!

Reaching the Resort is a 3 step trip:

  1. Getting to Padang,
  2. Getting to the Mentawais (usually 3 hours by Mentawai Fast ferry),
  3. Getting to the Resort (15 minutes by our private boat). Same on the way back.

1.Getting to/from Padang: currently the best way to fly to Padang is via Jakarta/Bali with Garuda or Lion Air or via Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia. Singapore is also an option. Please check;  /  /

Note: Just make sure to arrive the 8th of November before 9:00 pm (so you can have a good night sleep before catching the fast ferry the next day in the morning)

Once in Padang Airport:

We will have our own vans to transport us to the Ibis Hotel to spend the night and the following morning at 6:00 am take the Mentawai Fast ferry to Tua-Pejat.

  1. Getting to/from the Mentawais: the Mentawai Fast ferry is the safest and most reliable transport available. We will be departing from Padang on Monday the 9th of November 2020 at 6:00 am and arrives in the Mentawais around 9:00 am.

On the way back the Mentawai Fast Ferry departs from the Mentawais on Monday  the 16th of November 2020 at 3:00 pm note that on Sunday it takes 2 additional hours due to another stop on Sipora island). Will be staying at a 3-star Hotel and everyone departs the next morning Tuesday  17th .

  1. Getting to/from The Resort: At the harbor we will be greeted by the resort team who will guide us the rest of the way (it will takes us about 10- 15 mins to get to the resort from the harbor by boat). Usually by 10:00 am we are already checked-in and ready to go explore or surf.

Extra Activities

Aside from all the surfing, sunrise, sunsets, yoga, meditation classes, there is so much more to do at the Island.

You can go beachcombing, swimming and snorkeling, in the most crystal waters. If you are a fan of seeing the underwater wildlife; the Resort offers free snorkeling equipment (and private guiding as an extra)!

Trekking- The Resort offers a guided trekking through the nearby tropical rain forest! This is a must! (as an extra)

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP), is easy fun to learn and a great work out. You could either cruise and explore or try to catch a few small waves.

Diving! The resort has the only PADI Diving Center in the Mentawai, suitable for all levels, offering different packages, so if you have your PADI certificate don’t forget to bring it along on the way or extra Cash USD$ to get your certificate.

Travel Essentials

As we will be travelling to a secluded Island your packing list might be a little different than usual.

– We highly recommend you bring your own board (however if this isn’t possible let us know when booking and alternative arrangements can be made)!

Don’t forget to take the fins out, bring your fin key +write fragile on the board bag) and check with the airline about the sport equipment fees & allowance.

– Ding repair kit

– Tight and well fitted surf bikinis (tops/bottoms make sure you have spares).

-One pieces swimmers are always great

– Surf leggings or Spring suit (1 or 1,5 mm)

– Yoga wear (cotton is ideal)

– Long sleeves shirt and pants for evenings.

– Sunglasses, hat or Cap.

– Sunscreen and Zinc.

– Reef booties or walkers

– flip flops or sandals

– Personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, moisturized, etc)

– Shoes for the trekking (optional)

– Mosquito repellent (Organic if possible)

– Laptop + mobile phone (make sure to bring the Connecting plug for Indonesia)

– Books or Kindle

– Flight itinerary

– Passport + 2 copies (with a MINIMUM VALID 6 MONTHS)

– Any medication required

– IDR or USD$ Cash only at the Island

– You can bring your debit and credit cards to take cash out at ATM’S Points at the airports and near the Hotel.

– USB stick or hard drive compatible with Mac to take the photo memories with you.

– Malaria medication if your doctor recommends it

– Personal First AID kit (antiseptic and antibiotics in case of any infections). The Resort has an AID Kit, but does not have a doctor; there is one 15minutes away by boat at Tuapajet village.

– Your emergency contacts / travel insurance contacts / our contacts

Visa: Visitors from most countries now do not require a visa. A 30-day tourist visa on arrival for $25 USD still applies for some countries. Another options are to apply at the Indonesian embassy in your country for a 60-day tourist visa.

Insurance / Evacuation: Travel Insurance with evacuation coverage is Mandatory for your personal safety. In the case of an emergency, we will assist you to contact your insurance company.

Salti Note:
“The most important thing to bring to this Retreat and new adventure is lots of positive energy and an open heart. Be ready to have the best time ever in the water, on the mat, on the island and with your new Girlfriends”.