Salti Hearts x Bella


Introducing our dream Surf Suit

Salti Hearts x Bella



The most beautiful, comfortable and stylish Surf suit made with Love in Bali by Yeni and Bella. Friends, ocean lovers and creatives who put their hearts together to design and create the perfect suit for all lady sliders that love to have fun in the waves whilst being stylish.



The suit is inspired by the Sea, the Sun, the Moon and the pastel colours of the sky. We wanted to create a unique piece that every  women would be happy to wear whilst riding those waves of joy! Pastel and happy colours to enhance the beauty of every skin, hair and eye colour, a design that will look graceful and beautiful on all shapes and sizes.



The sleeves represent the waves from the Salti logo + the pastel colours created by the sky and sea during sunrise and sunset. Our favourite times of day to immerse ourselves in the waves. There is no other suit like this one!

Long sleeves, high waist, a little cheeky bum and an elegant chest cut, highlight a few of the characteristics that define our Salti Hearts x Bella Surf Suit.  If you have fallen in love as much as we have, then head over to the shop page and order yours! We ship worldwide + we have all sizes | xs, s, m, l.

When you purchase one, don’t forget to tag us on your stories or post, we would love to meet You + share the Saltiness with all the Tribe.

Made with  Love,

Have fun in the Waves.


Yeni & Ana  x x



Muse | Laure Muller @sonzoeker

Board | @saltihearts

Creatives | @anomad.girl / @yenicanelon

Pics | Yeni Canelon

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