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Ever dreamed of running away to Bali or wished you could swap the demands of work and family life for self-care at a surf and yoga retreat?

The island is a magnet for overworked, stressed and tired souls who are craving a re-connection with themselves, and the chance to re-align. On any given day, you’ll find kindred spirits taking to the ocean or rolling out their yoga mats in shalas from Seminyak to Ubud. They’re sitting in the cafes sipping their tumeric lattes and refuelling with buddha bowls and raw desserts.

This dreamy lifestyle is what attracted Yeni Canelon to uproot her life to Bali. Originally from Venezuela, Yeni grew up in the archipelago of Los Roques in the Caribbean Sea. After travelling and coaching surfing for over 10 years, Yeni knew she wanted to create her own retreat. A place that would encompass all the things she loved and enable her to have her dream job.

After being in Bali for two and a half years, Yeni landed on a sweet gig coaching women in the surf and realised her love for working with females in the wellbeing space. After the job ended, along with a long-term relationship, Yeni says, “I felt like Bali was letting me know that it was either time to move on or begin my own story.”

And so Salti Hearts was born – a surf, yoga, meditation, and fitness retreat especially designed for women. A channel through which Yeni can combine her passions and live in the ocean every day. It’s the epitome of a Life Unhurried.

“Bali is a very unique place. It’s an island where you will find beauty, softness, a different smell, a different feeling, and it will definitely allow you to slow down,” Yeni says.

But perhaps even more important than the inner journey a retreat provides, it’s the connection to each other that will fill your cup. It’s what provides Yeni with such a sense of purpose and confirms she is right where she needs to be.

Thanks Life Unhurried for sharing our story with the world.

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