Surf, Sunshine & Sisterhood

There is something very powerful and magical that happens when women come together, specially when we are sharing and doing the things we love the most. Surfing which brings joy and freedom to the heart, sunshine which brings beauty and nourishment to the body and sisterhood which brings happiness to the soul.

We have being missing our Salti Tribe, the feeling of being able to share our passion for surfing and the ocean with our global community of women. We have taken this time to focus on our resident girlfriends, the ones that are here and we can surf under the Bali sun creating  memories together while patiently waiting for the borders to reopen so we can all travel, surf and share the saltiness together.

We cannot wait to welcome new sisters to our tribe and to have you all back and mostly we are counting down the days until our retreat destinations become reality.

If you have being dreaming about your next retreat adventure with us, than have a look below and choose from our tropical destinations and join the salti tribe!

Retreat Destinations for 2021;

*Bali | All year around | March 2021

*Java | “The Longboard Adventure” | 9/05 – 16/05, 2021 | 2 places available

*Mexico | “The Complete Lifestyle Retreat” | 27/10 – 3/11, 2021| 4 places available

*Mentawai | Island Trip | 9/11 – 16/11, 2021 | 6 places avaliable

NOTE: For more details head over to Destinations on our website and find all the details and prices about our adventures.

“Meet us in Paradise”

2021 its our year to adventure together…


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