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 A unique Surf, Yoga & Wellness Retreat for women in exotic destinations.

We believe that surfing with Salti Hearts will be the most authentic, fun and professionally guided surfing experience you may ever have. Imagine this: warm water, tropical vibes, palm trees, salty sun-kissed hair, new friends and riding perfect waves in a tropical paradise. There is no better way to learn to surf, improve your surfing, or take it to the next level than at our Surf, Yoga & Wellness at any of our Retreats in our amazing destinations; Bali, Java, Mentawai & Mexico.

All of or Retreat destinations has been regarded as a surfing mecca’s. For this, and many other reasons, it is on every surfer’s bucket list. Long stretches of beautiful coastline are blessed with perfect surfing set-ups, golden sand, and a variety of beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks perfect for all surfing levels. has won international acclaim as a top destination for surfing trips and vacations.

What to expect with Salti Hearts
As  a Travel Company  that offers Surf, Yoga & Wellness Retreats for only women; we are open to all surfing levels, we love to share our love and passion for surfing and the ocean, the beach lifestyle and the many positive things that align naturally with this.

We welcome beginners, intermediates/improvers and green warriors. One of the most remarkable things about Salti Hearts is that the surfing instruction is led by the head coach and Founder; Yeni Canelon – a surfer, an ocean lover and a passionate advocate of the surfing lifestyle and personal wellbeing. Yeni has also ensured that all the facilities and location of Salti Hearts have been carefully selected by the Salti team to provide a safe and secure introduction to surfing, yoga  and wellness.

The Salti Hearts surf coaching program is based on the International Surfing Association (ISA) curriculum; as well as the practical surf instruction, we cover surfing history, wave formation and oceanography. This more in-depth instruction is aimed to facilitate a deeper understanding of the ocean, wave riding, surf forecasting and ocean safety.

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Our program will be supported by a daily pre-surf stretching session, with a particular focus on fitness and yoga. We will concentrate on specific yoga poses that help increase flexibility, improve balance, build core strength and maintain good body awareness. Surfing demands a very specific type of fitness and uses a whole cross section of muscles, it is well documented that a strong core and good flexibility provides the ideal starting point for better performance in the water.

 We keep our lesson participant numbers to a maximum of 6 surfers for our Bali Base Retreats, however we believe in the magic of small groups, so for our other Destination Retreats our maximum is 12 women at a time. We aim to make our surf sessions stand out from the crowd by providing coaching by our resident female surf coach and expert Yeni. She is supported by a professional team of male surf gurus, who will focus on providing individual attention and guidance both in and out of the water. At Salti Hearts we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise and safe practice, to this end we maintain high standards, which include a student/teacher ratio of 3:1. We believe that what sets us apart from the ever expanding market of surf retreat / camp of any of our destinations; is being blessed with the expertise of the best female surf coach, Yeni Canelon. This allows us to ensure that you are always in skilled hands. At Salti Hearts we also believe that variety is the spice of life, so we won’t take you to the same beach break each day, instead we have created an exciting itinerary to ensure that you get to surf different spots during your stay with us at any of our destination Retreats.

Beginner surfers

We love beginners here at Salti Hearts, so we have designed the best surfing program to meet your individual needs. Our program has been developed to teach you, step by step, the basics of surfing so that you will be up and riding as soon as possible, with the right skill set under your belt. We have also developed a program to cater for the more experienced participants, who will be able to progress their surfing to the next level. As all groups on our surf trips are small, we’re flexible – we’ll pair you with a partner of a similar surfing level and to a beach break that is perfect for your ability. The instruction starts with a detailed beach demonstration and instruction session where we cover ocean safety and a full theory briefing before hitting the water.

The great thing about Salti Hearts is that we focus on small groups of women and we support and guide you the best way we know how through our owner/operator Yeni, who has been surfing most of her life, she has been a surf instructor for over 17 years, and  will always be on hand to look after you during your Salti Hearts experience.

After our morning surf sessions we will all sit down for a coffee break, and debrief. We will analyse both photographic and video footage from the morning, sharing our experience and we will give tips and offer advice to the surfers. This is a great opportunity to see where you are at with your surfing and what you need to do to improve.

Information covered throughout your beginer surf adventure:
As your week progresses at Salti Hearts our goals with the beginner surfer is to build their confidence in the ocean while moving up to the next level of surfing. The following are some of the skills and knowledge you will learn during your Salti Hearts journey:
– Surfing culture, history and lifestyle,
– Wave formation, types of waves and surf breaks,
– Parts of the surfboard and types of surfboards (material, designs, shapes),
– Fundamental surfing skills: learning how to paddle, stand up on the board, keeping your center of gravity and the correct stance on the board,   – Learning how to turtle roll and/or duck dive though a wave,
– Safety tips for all surfing levels (for ocean safety),
– Surf forecasting (using websites such as, Magic Seaweed, Wind Guru and Indo Surf Life),
– The surfers’ code and surf etiquette,
– Handy surfing tips,
– Warm up routines: specially designed for surfers, including stretching and yoga exercises, such as breathing techniques, to improve your ability to hold your breath in the event of a wipe out.

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Intermediate/Improving Surfers

Congratulations, you have now reached the next level, a far more exciting and enjoyable stage of your new life as a surfer. This is where you are ready to surf along the face of the wave and learn how to put into practice some of the foundation principles you have already learnt. You will get the opportunity to learn fun new manoeuvres, you will graduate from the white water and become real surfers, trimming across the face of those beautiful green waves out the back. No longer will you be a White Water Warrior, you will be on your way to becoming a Green Wave Groover. At Salti Hearts we have done our market research and discovered that there is a large gap in surf camp scene into which the intermediate and improving surfers fall. We want to fill that gap by providing a surfing program that is designed to take these improving surfers to the next level. We take our guests to surf at different locations every day, from beach breaks, to reefs and point breaks. Our location choices are dependent on surf conditions and tides, but the variety that we offer provides you with a great opportunity to challenge your surfing and take yourself and your surfing to another level.

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Information covered for improving and intermediate surfers:

– Oceanographic knowledge/ocean awareness,
– Surf forecasting and tide charts,
– Ocean safety,
– Rip formation, identification and to use a rip to improve your surfing,
– Wave selection (size of waves, frequency of waves and types of waves),
– Basic surfing skills (mastering the take off, riding the wave, getting off a wave, duck dive and wipe out techniques),
– Surfing maneuvers (trimming, bottom turns, top turns, cut-backs, re-entries, floaters).

Equipment and Clothing
Surfboards are available at Salti Hearts for your use free of charge during your stay, however you are also most welcome to bring your own. If you are a beginner or not sure what you need, then our instructors are on hand to select the right board for you.
The water here in Bali is tropical, so you will need board shorts, swimsuits/bikinis and rash vests/lycra tops to protect your skin from the sun and from chaffing and rashes. If your skin is particularly sensitive to sun exposure we recommend that you also bring some surf/lycra leggings, as a nasty case of sunburn could really spoil your trip. We also recommend that you wear reef shoes/booties when you are surfing, we can advise you on where to purchase these.

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“One of the things we love about surfing, is the lack of rules and the empty mind…feeling and sensing the water’s energy and enjoying every single ride”So, live your passion, have fun, be free and be open to experience the infinite joy in the ocean…