Ten ways to make life bit more Salti back at home !

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1. Start you day with a Salti inspired breakfast.  The amazing breakfasts you’ve loved eating at the Salti Villa can easily be recreated in your own kitchen. Smoothie bowls and fresh juices are the perfect way to get a head start with your five a day. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about some of our favourite Salti breakfast recipes.

2. Develop a fitness routine that will benefit your surf skills. Getting to the ocean to surf might be hard where you live so its important to develop a fitness routine that will keep you surf fit. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or personal trainer because we’ve got a few great workouts that you can do in your own home which we’ll be sharing with you soon.

3. Spend time outdoors. Fresh air works wonders so try and take some time each week to reconnect with nature. There are so many beaches, forests, mountains and cities to explore so grab your Salti Hearts water bottle and get going!

4. Enjoy communal dinners with friends. Remember all of the amazing dinners you shared with the Salti tribe? Recreate them with your own group of friends at home. Visit local restaurants or turn on the oven and try your hands at cooking some of your favourite Balinese dishes.

5. Keep practising and enjoying yoga. Yoga and surfing go hand in hand so even when you’re far away from the beach you can improve your surfing technique by practising yoga. We’ll be posting some of our favourite yoga poses on the blog for you to try out soon.

6. Meet new people. One of the best things about your trip to Salti was surely meeting your Salti Sisters. You never know who you’ll meet so go to new classes, join a team or just say hello to the person sat next to you in the bar.

7. Step outside of your comfort zone. During your time at Salti you stepped out of your comfort zone every day be at at the reef break or during meditation. Try and do one thing a day that scares you and you’ll realise just how strong you really are.

8. Take time to meditate. Life at home can be stressful so don’t forget to reflect and meditate. Take just five minutes out of your day to reconnect and reroot yourself.

9. Share your Salti adventure . We love seeing all of your pictures and we’re sure your friends and families will too so get uploading those images of your Salti experience for the world to enjoy!

10. keep in touch. Salti girls are friends for life so send a text, a letter or plan a Salti reunion!

Stay Salti xx

By Ella James

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