The Healing Power of Surfing

The Healing Power of Surfing


Some of us have found  love, happiness and healing  through Surfing.

Surfing is so much more than just a sport, it has become a way of life. There are many studies about how this physical but yet spiritual practice can help improve women self  growth; as well becoming braver, stronger, more independent, and happier within themselves.


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Inviting all of us to find joy with each ride, in fining our inner child between the laughs, in bringing steadiness to the mind, in finding a connection with the water that makes us feel alive and well. There are so many feelings a surfer experiences while been in the sea, riding a wave, getting barrelled, wiping out, paddling to catch a wave or recognising that there is this beautiful space to just be, be present, be grateful and an incredible unique sensation of feeling free and release.

Surfing is a fascinating and endless affair with the ocean and the way it makes us feel. Is therapeutical, rehabilitative to the point that allows our mind to slow down and in a meditative state. Surfing is very mindful, as it can help release stress, relief anxiety and  brings clarity to the mind and heart.


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How wonderful is that Surfing can increase our mood just by stepping into the sea and feeling that connection with the energy of the water. The Ocean cant only heal physical cuts or injuries, it can also wash the pain away. There is something so powerful and real about saltwater therapy. We like to say is a Salti Livin, the Greeks named it “Water Cure”.

We love Surfing and all that it represents for us and for our Saltis, we can truly see the transformation for day 1 to day 5, as we challenge ourselves out in the water, reconnect with our inner playful soul; stepping out of our comfort zone, trying something that will change outlives forever bringing all the feels for the rest of our lives.

The Ocean is pure energy, Surfing is mindfulness and the healing process will begin the moment you decide to let the ocean heal your heart.


Yeni x


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