The Perfect Holiday Escape

Who’s Ready to find the Perfect Holiday Escape for 2021?

We cannot wait to open our doors and begin our new Salti Season, we also have new destination Retreats for you to choose from; wether is here in Bali, West Java, Mentawai Islands or even Mexico.

We have chosen some of the best destinations for you, Bali has some of the best waves for beginners, the perfect energy to relax, unwind and enjoy your stay with us. West Java has the perfect longboard wave you would ever seen, a right handed point break with sand bottom suitable for all surfing levels, it is just one of the longest, most fun wave for those ladies who are looking to improve their log skills and dance all day long. Mentawai islands in Sumatra offers the best waves in the world, the Archipelago has so many waves and a basked palm trees and jungle, secluded and an absolute paradise, this will be the adventure of a lifetime.  Mexico oh, how we want to take you there, this is the complete lifestyle retreat, were not only we will surf, practice yoga experience all wellness things, we will also explore and embrace the mexican culture and one of the most iconic festivals “Dia de los Muertos”, which translate to day of the death.

Here are some of our fav shoots from each destination!

We hope we can get to see you again or meet you in any of this beautiful locations or in all in 2021.


All year around

 We are based in Bali most of the year. Bali is incredible place to be, a surf paradise for every surfer and a yoga heaven for most yogis.

Our Bali Retreats offers our lady guest the perfect setting for women who are looking for a place to relax, rejuvenate, disconnect and also adventure, try out new things and enjoy the Bali lifestyle.

We hold our Retreats monthly from March to November in the Salti villa, cozy, tasty,comfortable and tropical for your holiday.



Salti Hearts x  Java 

The Longboard adventure | 09/05 – 16/05, 2021

Are you ready to explore Java with us? To spend 8 days and 7 nights on a trip that you will cherish forever. For this adventure we are taking only 8 guests with us. We believe in the magic and connection that can only be cultivated with a intimate group of like minded women. We will focus on taking your long boarding skills to the next level with the help from our local experts. Combining surfing with mindful and rejuvenating yoga and meditation practices to nourish the soul, heart and to restore the body. Whilst staying in the village you will experience the simplicity of the Indonesian lifestyle, surrounded by palm trees, rice fields, quaint wooden fishing boats and friendly locals.



Salti Hearts x Mentawai Island

The Island Trip | November  9 – 16, 2021 

The Mentawai are a beautiful island chain off Sumatera and are widely considered to be the most amazing surfing destination on the planet. There is no other place on earth with so many high quality waves for all levels of surfing in such a small area.

Join us on the trip of a lifetime in paradise surrounded by like-minded women, natural beauty and in the comfort of a luxury Resort. This is the perfect holiday, for those looking to escape, relax, unwind and take your surfing to the next level! You will ride the most amazing waves, practice yoga everyday by the ocean and meet other inspiring women from around the world.



Salti Hearts x Mexico 

The Complete Lifestyle Retreat | October 27 – November 03, 2021 

We will be staying between the mountains, the desert and the ocean. A perfect place to unwind, surf, work out, practice yoga, meditate, heal, relax, connect, explore, learn, growth, share and expand your horizons and meet like minded, creative and powerful women.

Picture yourself in a boutique Mexican “Casa” that was previously abandoned and was lost to the jungle however found by the creative people who converted the space and styled into with a minimal aesthetic property. It’s a hideout overlooking the slow motion of Zihuatanejo Bay, where the most beautiful sunsets and magic can happen.

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