“This is Why we Love Bali”

Photo by @cokoif

Our love for Bali continues to grow everyday …

Bali is one of the most magical and special places I have being in.

I arrived in Bali on the 17th of March 2012. I came with a dream of surfing the most perfect waves and explore some of the other islands of Indonesia and I have to confessed, I could not help myself! Since I first stepped foot on this land of vast green, volcanoes and rice fields, I didn’t wanted to leave, in fact, I knew my new life had just begun!

 I wanted to see the waterfalls, the vibrant temples and experience the rich spiritual customs; to lay on its beautiful beaches and enjoy the tropical weather. I immediately fell in love with its stunning sunsets, the delicious food and wonderful people. I couldn’t get enough of the palm trees, endless coconuts to drink and the most amazing coffee culture.

In the last 2 years i have being living the life i have always dreamed off. Now i have a wonderful team and we love to share our little paradise with a lot of beautiful humans and this is Why we Love Bali;

There is so much to do on this Island; the possibilities are endless. You can wake up with the sunrise, head out  to the beach for an early surf session, enjoy  the perfect crystal and warm waves while you’re having the time of your life with your tribe. Post surf, you can nourish your body and soul by heading to one of the many delicious coffee shops around where you can have the best Acai bowls, chia pods, smashed avocados or plenty of other choices to choose from. And of course, don’t forget about the delicious Lattes you can taste with the most beautiful coffee art.

Follow up your day with a relaxing time by the pool, chilling on the hammock or laying down on the gazebo. You could read your favorite book, listen to the newest podcast or write on your travel journal. Just let your inspiration kick in, while you live the Saltiness and healthy lifestyle of this island.

After soaking up the sunshine and getting tanned, there are still more great activities to take on. Either take a bike ride through the rice fields or find yourself a great spot on the beach to enjoy and embrace another magical sunset while drinking a young cold coconut.. Umm! this is a must.

And of course, everyday should end up with something that fulfills your heart and gives you the feeling of gratitude to be alive and experiencing this Salti Livin, so we loved to finish our days with a mindful and grounding moon yoga practice. Just releasing the tension from our muscles, letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and connecting with your inner self.

There is no way you can be bored in Bali, everyday there are new places to visit, new adventures to find, new people to meet and a new ways to fall in love all over again with this magical island.

Salti x

Yeni and the Tribe


Photos by @cokoif / Analog Photography 35mm

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