Travel Essentials

The day that you travel

Our drivers, Yohanes or Wayan, will meet you at the airport. We’ll be stood just outside arrival barrier that you go through after collecting your luggage (due to delays etc there is a very slim chance that we may be five minutes away, please wait just next to the flight information desk.

It is difficult to obtain Indonesian Rupiah outside the country. We recommend taking a debit or credit card and using cash points. Our accommodations have safety boxes for passports and cash. You can also  bring some cash and  exchange it at the money-changers.

Passport & Driving License
It is essential that your passport has over 6 months left until it expires (from the date you return home), preferably much longer, or you will be denied entry to Indonesia.  This is valid for 30 days from entry. When entering the country you will be given an entry and exit card. Fill it in and keep it safely tucked in your passport.
If you plan to hire a car or motorcycle (if you are staying on longer or arriving early) you will need an international driving license, which can be obtained from the AA or RAC. It is a good idea to carry photocopies of your important documents (packed separately) and note that it is also easier to carry photocopies of relevant pages from heavy guidebooks etc. We also suggest that you scan copies of your important documents and email them to yourself.

Baggage and Equipment:

What to Bring:
– Tight and well fitting Bikinis and bottoms ( Bring a few if it’s possible) for surfing
– Surf Leggings & Yoga wear ( Check out our friends “Zealous CLothing”
– Rash vest (long or short sleeved)
– Bring your own surfboard if you have one (write fragile on the board bag) + leash
– Sunglasses + Hat or Cap are always a good choice
– Hawaiianas or Flip flops
– Shortie wetsuit (optional but protects from sun and rub)
– Personal sun cream (+30 / 50 high factor or block)
– Debit and credit card
– Travel Itinerary
– Flight tickets
– Any medication required
– Our contact numbers
– Travel insurance documents

Toiletries and First Aid (Optional but recommended):
First aid kit containing: Scissors, bandages, plasters, antiseptic, sting cream, burn cream, steri- strips, Betadine, pain killers, Compeed pads for fin rubs (available from the chemist).
Sun protection — cream, hat, after sun etc. Toiletries — including Vaseline for wetsuit rubs and talcum powder for sweat rash. Place shampoo etc. in a separate sealed carrier in case of leakage. Ear plugs / Blue Tac (if required). Bottle or flask to carry water at all times.

Medical Conditions
Please inform us of any medical complaints/conditions prior to the trip. We will carry a first aid kit during coaching sessions, but we advise that you also bring your own containing: scissors, bandages, plasters, antiseptic, sting cream, burn cream, steri-strips, Betadine, pain killers, rehydration sachets. There is no Malaria on Bali but plenty of mosquitos at dusk. Use Mosquito coils in your room and the local repellent. The radical change in temperature and diet affects people differently. Maintain a good water intake and a healthy diet. Carry Imodium or similar in your medical kit alongside your rehydration sachets. Travel Insurance It is essential that you take out a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy. Please check with your insurer that you are covered to surf/Bodyboard each day.

Health, Safety and Inoculations
As you travel at your own risk it is your responsibility to be up to date on Foreign Office advisories concerning travel to the region. If there are any questions we have not answered just drop us a line.

Passport, Guide Book/destination info — photocopies are easier to carry.

Travelling entertainment — iPod, books, magazines, etc.
Ensure all sharp objects are put in your main luggage bag that is to be placed in the hull. Alarm clock. Camera, memory card and journal.
Memory card or portable hard drive for collecting video footage and photos (Recommend 16 GB to 32 GB)
Mobile phone: change answer phone
message on your mobile to say that you’re away so to send text messages if possible. Also ring up your service provider and make sure that your phone will work abroad (if you require it).

Salti Note:
“The most important thing to bring to the Camp is lots of positive energy and an open heart. Be ready to have the best time ever in the water, on the mat, and with your new Girl friends”.