We have each other!

This Year Salti hearts turned 7 years!
Time flies when you are having fun with the Salti Tribe.

I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to have met s many of you over these years. I have always said that surfing is so much more than riding waves. The fact that you can be out in the ocean, under the right sky and beautiful clouds, seating while taking all the surroundings in, that’s magic.

However, the most beautiful and powerful thing is the friendships that you created when you shared something that truly makes your heart sing, whatever that is for you, even if is not surfing, you know what I mean. Sharing those moments with friends who become your sisters and then it becomes a Tribe.

This is what Salti Hearts is, a community of women from around the world who have come together over 7 years to make that dream true of catching a wave for the first time, getting back on the board, or exploring new surf destinations. Whatever the reasons that brought you to one of our Salti Hearts Retreats, it was a dream that was planted in your heart for a reason.

The thing with surfing is that it’s so magical, powerful, and fun that can change your life forever, not only as a fitness outdoor activity, but as a way for you to feel wholesome and connected with nature, allowing you to be in tune with both your body and mind, there is something so accurate about saltwater therapy, whether your feeling stress, anxious or sad, Surfing, or a saltwater bath in the ocean will always make you feel better, joyful and blissful.

At Salti Hearts we not only have surfing to enhance our life but we have each other!
Thank you, Saltis, for being You, for adventuring with us, and for always having each other’s back.

Love, Yeni x

P.S: Pics captured by my husband @aidan.salmon_

Surf Sisters @leeanneinnes & @lilijuppy

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