Why Salti Hearts is a Safe Space

Welcome to your home away from home!

 A place for all wellness things, those that are great for the body, essential for the mind, refreshing for the soul and so needed for the heart.

We welcome You to a safe place, where you can share, be and do as much or as little as you like, the truth is that this is your holiday and we are here for you in every step along the way.  At Salti Hearts we aim for You our dear Salti to feel as comfortable and yourself as possible.

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While spending the days with us at the Salti Villa or at any of our Retreat destinations; we encourage,  guide  and created a sacred space for you to connect with your true self and meet and like minded women.

A safe place to pause and take the time to heal.

Where the days are so nourishing for the soul that your intuition, gratitude and self love grows everyday.

A place without judgment, nothing to prove to anyone or to  yourself.

Where you can release and take off the labels and just be You.

A place to allow yourself to be,  listened to, feel supported.

Where the tribe holds and inspires you in so many ways.

A place to create friendships, memories and to have the best time.

Where you feel at home in ease and joy within.

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There is a lot to feel and experience during one of our Retreats, its so much more than a Surf, Yoga and Wellness holiday.

Wether you are a total surf beginner,  new yogi,  have never meditated before or just haven’t taken a holiday in a very long time. You have arrived at the right place.

A safe space for you to land and open your heart and let the magic, the saltiness of the ocean and the healing powers of yoga in. It will lead you to a better and happier life here with us and take it all in, once you are back home.

We promise that spending the days with us, in all the destinations we have carefully chosen for you will be a once in a lifetime experience, to be cherished forever!

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See You soon in Paradise,

Yeni x x

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