Why take yourself to a Salti Hearts Retreat?

Hi there Saltis!

Welcome to your space for wellness.

Yeni here from Bali, wanting to say hello and remind you that every now and than is time to tap put of work, life routines and all those labels we have attached to ourselves for the past months. Its almost the end of this year! Can you believe it? 2019 went really fast for us, we must say we had an amazing year with many of you ladies visiting us from all over the world, choosing to stay with us for a few days to allowing the energy and saltiness of the ocean, the healing power of the island, the support of the tribe and the friendships created  throughout any of our Retreats.

Salti Hearts x Bali

Why take yourself to a Retreat with us?

Well… were to begin? our Retreats are very unique, we offer a very intimate space for wellness, were only a small group of women gather together to experience a lifetime experience, whether you are joining the tribe to have a relax holiday, perhaps you just want to tick the box as it was in your bucket list or instead you were ready to transform, adventure and do something you have never done before. We are all in different journeys in our life, however there is no coincidence why you choose to come and stay with us! Its a self discovery journey for healing, relax, have fun, experience deep connection or take a pause from it all. Having the opportunity of meeting like minded women, from the other side of the country or the world. However the connection and the resembless  between each other will feel so familiar and deep that this person, this women, becomes your Salti sister and will forever share memories, experiences  together  that will last for a lifetime to cherish.

If you been dreaming about taking sometime off! visiting Bali, Mexico or Mentawai while spending the days; surfing, practicing yoga, eating healthy food, drinking lots of coconuts, coffee, embracing the sunshine and just simply  to relax, unwind and be Youserlf. Than we are here for You! Salti Hearts welcomes you as your home away from home a place to feel safe, authentic and to do as much or as little as you like.

Retreats are not only an excuse to have a holiday when your are travelling solo, however is a great chance to gateway with your best friend (s) or the perfect way to meet like minded one, finding inspiration, motivation and that female empowerment that is so need it but most of us during a few periods in our lives.

Salti  Hearts x Mexico

So, Why? Because we all need a little time for ourselves, we all deserve to take ourselves into a place were others will take and pamper you while you just simply roll or flow with us during the Salti days.

Start today and plan your next or a few Salti adventures; 2020 is the Year to give yourself the best birthday or selfceare present ever!! choose between our amazing destinations;

BALI | All year around | 5 Salti days Retreats | Surf, Yoga & Meditation

MEXICO| 26-10, 2/11, 2020 | 8 Salti days Retreat |  The Complete Lifestyle Retreat

MENTAWAI | 9-11, 16/11, 2020 | 9 Salti days | Surf, yoga & Fitness

What are you waiting for? Dates are available online and our Retreats for Mexico and Mentawai ar filling up very quickly! so save up your spot, book your flights and we will see you in 2020 !!!


Salti Hearts  x Mentawai



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