Wishlist for 2021 !

Well what a year this has been!

Here we are in the last day of this year that has been one of the hardest we all had to witness and face together.

We cannot wait to watch the sun goes down today and woke up to a brighter, healthier and happier New Year.

Here is our Wishlist  for 2021: More sunshine,  saltiness, sisterhood and travels in search of perfect waves!

Have you make your whishlist? if you haven’t and your reading this, take a pen and write them down, make sure you take a moment to close your eyes and with them out loud to the universe. Manifest them from the heart and they will happen, trust that you deserve them all and more.

Here are a few of our fav snaps that embody all we are wishing for!!!

Plus remember that if your are dreaming to Escape to a tropical destination to surf, practice yoga, breathe, meet like minded women, create new friendships, embrace sunrises and witness sunsets and find yourself star gazing and feeling very lucky while riding the best waves of your life, than join the Salti Tribe, we are a global community of women from all ages, all nationalities all ages, all sizes and shapes that join us for the fully purpuse on having fun, experiencing something new, stepping out of their comfort zone and have a blast while sharing moments and the stories with other ladies that will remain as friends for a lifetime.

See you in 2021!

Choose from Bali, Java, Mexico or Mentawai!!!

P.s: You never know if there is another Retreat Destination in the Horizon.

Love, Yeni x x

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