Yoga Life with Salti Hearts

 Our daily yoga sessions are organized around our surf schedule. We will practice asana, which will enhance your surfing, improve your balance and flexibility and stretch out tight muscles.

Our yoga and meditation classes have been designed to be suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience. The classes will complement your surfing program with a blend of morning and afternoon sessions, each practice will allow you to truly take some time out to reconnect with your mind, body soul. We aim to ensure that after each session you will be blessed with a deep feeling of relaxation and gratitude.

Yoga is a practice that is inclusive for all people no matter what age, size or fitness level – from beginners to advanced – and our retreat instructors will adapt poses to suit your ability. We provide all of the equipment, including yoga mats, bolsters, and straps; you just need to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

What do our Yoga sessions include?
Salti Hearts yoga sessions include a blend of rejuvenating styles of yoga – Meditation, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga for surfers.

Meditation or “Dhyana” is one of the 8 limbs of yoga, many yogis will say, that is the only route to dive deep into your heart. It’s the most ancient and powerful tool for the transformation of the mind. With a daily meditation practice its possible to develop concentration, clarity, calmness, emotional positivity and focus. They are many meditation techniques and traditions that will lead for the cultivation of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness. At Salti Hearts we medtated because its good for your body and soul, it makes us happy and it helps find answers to our many questions, it creates a sense of porwerful energy and it will bring joy, peace and a new sense of serenity; because you can create your own life, just surrender into your innate divinity.

Hatha Yoga is the term applied to a vast body of practices geared toward self-realization through perfecting the relationship of body, mind and spirit.

Vinyasa flow
Vinyasa Yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is sometimes also called Flow Yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.
Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection.” In terms of yoga asana, we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath.

Yin Yoga 

We love Yin, we believe that everyone needs more of Yin in their life, this style of Yoga is all about slowing down, breathing deeper and taking sometime in each asana, Yin is all about surrendering and forward falls, here you’ll experience a sense of deeper connection and stillness that will benefit the mind, the body and the heart.

Once you are able to hold a pose or asana for at least 5 to 10  breaths if you are a beginner you’ll feel the slow transformation in the body and how your mind starts to be more present, however if you are  practitioner holding those poses for over 3 to 5 minutes is what a deep and nourishing Yin Yoga session is all about. This were true transformation happen into a more divine level. Everyday we should finish our busy days with a short Yin Practice that will allow us to ground, reconnect and simply slow down from our day.

Yoga for surfers 

Yoga complements surfing perfectly as it builds strength, flexibility and balance. All of these are key when out in the water. Specifically it’s great for building core strength, stamina, mental focus and better breathing techniques. The mental focus and the breathing help to reduce stress, which can come in very handy in big waves or other hairy situations. For the true surfer or the true yogi there is a connection with each that goes beyond the physical. One could even compare the rhythm of the ocean with the rhythm of the body. Physically yoga is a great way to stay in shape when the surf is flat, prevent injuries, warm up before paddling out and to stretch out the body after a long surf session.

Yoga and surfing create the perfect alchemy. The benefits that yoga can have on surfing are pretty far-reaching, whether it’s through strength, flexibility, or simply just breathing better; all these things are very important to progress on surfing. Learning how to breathe properly might be the biggest benefits surfers get from practicing yoga.

Once you start incorporating yoga into your before and after surf routine you will quite likely find that you don’t have those aches, pains and knots the next day. If you do they definitely will not be as bad. When you have practiced for a while you are going to see similarities in surfing and yoga as they are both about tapping into a flow of energy. Yoga taps more into the energy created from your body through the breath and asanas/poses while surfing taps into the flow and rhythm of the ocean.

“Yoga + Surfing = Salti Hearts – In the spirit of gratitude for doing the things you love and that are good for your body and soul, there is nothing better than an early surf session followed by a yoga practice on the beach with your Salti Sisters.”