You’re Perfect Board !

We have created our own SaltiHearts Signature Surf boards.

Dedicated to all the Salti ladies out there who want to have the perfect board, customised for your riding ability and uniquely detailed for You.

We handcraft our boards in Bali with love. Designed and shaped by Yeni our Founder in collaboration with our Indonesian professional shaper Rob. Together they came up with the most versatile Salti Hearts boards for travelling, for catching many waves, for  improving your riding and of course for having the board of your dreams.

Our ultimate Signature Surf Boards, are a must have!

We offer many different shapes; Short fun board, Malibu and longboards.

You can get yours Now!!! Custom made specially for You with your own design, colours quote and more; all inclusive in the price + each board comes with; leash, customised fins and a Salti Hearts board bag for your surf trips.

Board Size;

Short Fun Boards  / square tale

6’0 | 6’6 | 6’10

Mini Mal

7’0 | 7’2 | 7″4 | 7″6 | 7’8


8’0 | 8’2 | 8’4 | 8’6 | 9’0 | 9’2


Short Boards ; from USD $ 550 up to $ 650

Mini Malibus ; from USD $ 650 up to $ 750

LongBoards ; from USD $ 800 up to $ 950

Material ; Imported Epoxy


Epoxy refers to the resin only – epoxy resin. The foam used for epoxy construction boards is called expanded polystyrene, or EPS foam for short. Again, the same exact fiberglass cloth that is used for poly construction is used in epoxy construction.

Pre Order Yours before coming to one of Retreats in Bali and we also ship worldwide. (The shipping cost is extra; however the price will depend on the length of the surfboard as well your country of residency). Please notice that we need 10 days minimum to get your dream board ready!

+ 5% of all orders goes to Marine conservation ♡

Salti Hearts

For more details, photos and to order the Perfect Board for You! click the link below;

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